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Rack Mount Transducers True RMS
Modular Series DAQ-8

Power Transducers rackmount modules


Power transducers rackmount modules



Power Transducers rackmount modules
Rack mount transducers substations



The DAQ-8 Series Transducer product is a family of high
density plug-in modules for the Energy Sector and Industrial

The DAQ-8 Series is available for 19” rack, Half-rack and
Quarter rack mounting (16,7and 3 Modules).

Each module has up to 8 transducers with 8 analog outputs
and a backplane termination assembly. A Communications option  enables any DAQ-8 rack to be used as an IED Unit with or without analog outputs.

All transducers provide true rms values.

One important feature for maintenance is that a replacement
module, as soon as plugged-in, will automatically use
the configuration setup from the old module if desired.





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