Rack Mount PowerTransducers
True RMS
Modular Series DAQ-8
ISODIN  Information
What's an ISODAQ?
ISODAQ  Information

High Performance DIN Modules
Modbus and Profibus

High Performance Building Blocks for your own Products

Numerous features and capabilities
Apix uses the ISODAQ components as the basis for many different products
ISODAQ Technology is available in many versions for different applications
Apix is the developer of ISODAQ Technology
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I n d u s t r i a l   A u t o m a t i o n

 ISODAQ - Isolated Industrial I/O System
Compressed into a Single Component!

Each module has up to 8 Transducers with 8 Analog Outputs

Communications Option transforms the DAQ-8 into a IED Unit

•  All transducers provide true rms values
New module can automatically assume cofiguration of replaced module
• Module Configuration via its Modbus RTU RS-485 link
Simple installation and mantainance

 Powered by Apix ISODAQ Technology
 Powered by Apix ISODAQ Technology
Easy to Configure Redundant Systems for 100% Process Availability

Universal I/O with Communication Options can work with any Host
• Configure systems with a few channels to thousands with simple
   building block approach

Quad Isolation with  2KVrms Channel-to-Channel for top performance
Configure your system with or without redundancy
Isolated Industrial I/O Single Component
Profibus Data Acquisition channel to channel Isolation
ISODIN  Modules bring High Performance Solutions to Your Applications

Quad Isolation at 3 KVrms per Channel plus 2 KVrms Channel-to-Channel
Eight separate Analog Channels, Digital versions up to 32 Ch
Programmable Sampling Rate up to 1000 Sample/Sec
Global Synchronized Sampling of all In/Out channels in Modbus-RTU
    and Profibus-DP Networks
Average,Min,Max & 1000 sample Data logging per Channel for any or all
    Modules in the Field Network
Profibus DP is a trademark of Profibus International
High performance Universal I/O
Dual Independent Communication Links
2 out of 3 Channel Redundancy
Quarter Rack 3U
ISORACK  Information
Power transducers rackmount
 Powered by Apix ISODAQ Technology
ISO DIN Modbus profibusmodules tc, ma, mv, v, pt100, digital
ISO DIN Module tc, ma, v, mv, pt100, digital
19" Rack 3U
Half Rack 3U
19" Rack 4U
Quarter Rack 4U
Quarter Rack 4U
Power transducers rackmount modules
 Powered by Apix ISODAQ Technology